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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Google webhp - A very useful tool for a business to research competition in a new country

The Google webhp URL extension is a very useful function. What is the webhp extension? Well, it is an extension to a natural Google URL which allows a user to switch between languages when viewing any country specific Google search homepage, for instance:

when on the Google UK search page, you will likely be viewing this in English.

You can add the extension /webhp?hl=en and still be viewing Google UK in English
but if you change the final 2 characters to one of over 100 ISO 639-1 language codes then you can view Google UK in the language of your choice.

Google UK gives a full linked list for all languages in which Google UK can be viewed. A couple of examples are: for French (Fran├žais) for German (Deutsch)

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