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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

And then it began

Just some ground rules to start. I will be blogging on the two subjects you see in the title. Pretty simple really. That said they are enormous topics. My intention is to post on each of these topics each day. I do write articles elsewhere on these two topics (mainly HubPages under the pseudonym Humagaia), so my intention is to point to articles of my own and those of others that I believe to be of benefit to readers of this "Google and Blogs" Blog. There are innumerable blogs out there just waiting to be found and some of them are pretty good. I aspire. There are also plenty of Google products to be looking at and making an effort to try to find something each day that you may be interested in.

That's it. The "Google and Blogs" blog by Humagaia is now up and running. All I have to do is find some readers. I wonder who will be first?

A prize of a free membership to the "Google and Blogs" blog for the first one!

For those interested my profile page on Hubpages is:

And for those that would like to install my RSS Feed one of the following will do it:

And if you just want Google Articles from Humagaia then this will do it:

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